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Rachel Lampert


Playwright, director, and choreographer Rachel Lampert began her career in NYC Following the 1975 inaugural NYC season of Rachel Lampert & Dancers, she performed, toured and created text-driven “dance plays” for 17 years. Her company appeared at Jacob’s Pillow, Delacourte Theatre, Dance Theatre Workshop and in cities as diverse as San Francisco, Chicago and Florence, Italy as well as Hope, David City and Southport (Arkansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and England respectively). She has collaborated with jazz musician/composer Billy Taylor, new music composer Sergio Cervetti, as well as musical theater composers Larry Pressgrove, John Coyne and Lesley Greene. She took the post of Artistic Director at Kitchen Theatre Company in 1997. Employing her mantra “bloomed where you’re planted”, she led the theater through hard times and ultimately to a place where it owns its own space, is a union house and enjoys considerable financial stability. She retired from KTC in 2017. She received a SALT Award for Best Actress 2004 and the SALT Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017. Her play The Soup Comes Last chronicling her experience staging West Side Story in China had a month-long NYC season in 2004. She started Fitz&Startz Productions in 2015 ( to have a home for her plays for younger audiences. She has a life-long love of classical music and “making things from scratch”. Always looking for a new challenge, she has been enjoying this three-way/two-continent collaboration with Sally and Yvonne.

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