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Opera Ithaca will be accepting submissions for the 2023-2024 Apprentice Artist Program residencies in spring 2023. Opera Ithaca is committed to diversity and inclusivity and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Questions? Contact us at

Young Artists

Natasha Naik - Website Headshot.png
Natasha Naik
Jaime Sharp- Website Headshot.png
Jaime Sharp
Kayla Oderah - Website Headshot.png
Kayla Oderah
Matthew Soibelman - Website Headshot.png
Matthew Soibelman

Studio artists

Ava Dunton - Website Headshot.png
Ava Dunton
Madison Hoerbelt - Website Headshot.png
Madison Hoerbelt
Rocco Scarselletta - Website Headshot.png
Rocco Scarselletta

What's Next?

Opera Ithaca Festival, October 21 - November 6

Recital Series, October 23 - November 5


About the Apprentice Program

The Opera Ithaca Apprentice Artist Program prepares emerging vocalists on the performance career track, with a focus on cultivating and developing talent in New York State. All Apprentice Artists are compensated, receive coaching, classes, mentorship, and performance opportunities.

Apprentice Artist Program Staff

Lynn Craver, Director of the Apprentice Artist Program

Richard Montgomery, Coach

Mary Holzhauer, Coach

Ben Robinson, Artistic Director

2023-2024 Program audition dates

Audition dates for the following season will be posted in spring 2023.

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