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Proving Up
Missy Mazzoli
Highway 1, USA
William Grant Still

November 3 & 6, 2022

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$80 Festival Pass | $45 / $30 / $10 Students
Recital $20 / $10 Students
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Giuseppe Verdi

November 4, 2022

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Recital Series

Recital and pop-up concert series on-site at Ithaca's favorite spots, featuring Opera Ithaca's Apprentice Artists.

Pre-performance Panels

Join us for an in-depth conversation about the intersection of the arts and social justice issues. Starting 45 minutes before each mainstage performance, Opera Ithaca is hosting a panel of scholars, artists, and activists with a truly global perspective.

This program was funded in part by Humanities New York with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities.








Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this [publication/program/exhibition/website] do not necessarily represent those of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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Visit Ithaca
Travel and Accommodations

Fly Ithaca

Ithaca Marriott 
Downtown on the Commons

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Partner Event


HIJAS (Daughters)

- a new musical -

co-created by Julian Mesri, Saviana Stanescu and Courtney Young

music and lyrics by Julian Mesri

book by Saviana Stanescu

directed by and developed with Courtney Young

co-sponsored by The Cherry Arts Inc. and Ithaca College School of Music, Theatre and Dance


Set in Buenos in the late 20th century and New York City in the current day, the musical follows NYU student Andrea on her personal and political journey of exploring her family's past. As Andrea suspects that her mother Mariana is a child of one of the many young people “disappeared” during the brutal military dictatorship in Argentina known as the “Dirty War”, she connects with the 'Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo' and challenges her mom to question her identity. Andrea's Romanian father, Bogdan, a scientist, helps her uncover family secrets and encourages her to speak up. Daughters, mothers, and grandmothers connect across borders and blood lines in this story of hope, truth, immigration, and filial/maternal love. 

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The Cherry Arts
102 Cherry Street

2:00 PM
Saturday, November 5

Special Thanks to Our Generous Sponsors

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